Learn how to grow your energy projects.


A differentiated development strategy for each type of project.


Optimization of capital allocation in each phase of project development until the Ready to Build.


Analysis as a basis for successful operations. Based on a multidisciplinary background, we address a broad spectrum of renewable energy operations..


Focus on the execution of each development project activity.

Our company combines idealism with pragmatism: prudent business activity, diligence in planning and ethical-ecological responsibility.


We believe in photovoltaic solar energy because it is the energy of the present and the future.

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Greenfield - Engineering & Development

Your partner for end to end wind energy and solar energy project development

This is where it all happens. KilowattsEnergy, we take the development of wind energy and solar energy seriously, our proven track record speaks to that. We evaluate project acquisition targets and prepare them for construction. From engineering, permitting, and modeling, to structuring and procuring equipment, we’ve got you covered.
Our Knowledge

We execute on the highest level, even under stringent timelines. We excel at bringing the right partners, consultants, and specialists to the table. We take a driven and active approach to meet your project requirements.

Our Experience

Years of experience shape our proactive approach to issues commonly faced in the development phase. We anticipate any risk and make it our mission to look out for the best interests of the project and our partners. In the pursuit of excellence, we are passionate about turning your wind project into a success. You can count on us to put everything we’ve got behind each project we develop.

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LKILOWATTSENERGY is expert across the full range of solar power development, We have the experience and capacity to support solar PVprojects from inception, through the development and construction stages and for the complete lifetime of the project.

KilowattsEnergy services comprise all issues of wind farm and solar plant development and design, land negotiation, Environmental Impact Assessment, consultation and permitting. In order to deliver the approved project ready for financing and construction we endeavour to identify risks and opportunities at the earliest stage possible and manage costs and risks.

Development and planning of a wind turbine project and solar photovoltaic project from the early ”open land” stage until all the necessary permits and agreements are obtained.

Selection and evaluation of potential wind turbine and solar panels locations

Early stage development of a wind park is often the most challenging phase. Suitable or proposed areas for development of wind projects and solar projects are investigated, with the aim of assessing the feasibility of a project. Feasibility studies cover the following areas: wind, solar, grid connection, roads, soil conditions and the environment. This initial phase typically ends with the existence of agreements with the land-owners, a preliminary commitment on final grid connection and the authorities' acknowledgement of the location of the project.

Project design and authorizations

This phase is a continuation of the previous phase, and should be undertaken by KilowattsEnergy. A detailed technical and structural project design is prepared. This includes the studies and calculations required in order for the authorities to continue processing the project. This phase ends when all the required permits for the implementation and operation of the wind turbine project are in place, not least the crucial building permit, making the project ready-to-build.

KilowattsEnergy offers the following planning & development services:

  • Prospecting and ranking
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development management
  • Land services
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Preliminary electrical and civil design
  • Micrositing
  • Grid connection feasibility
  • wind farm development

    KILOWATTSENERGY provides Wind & Solar solutions as green project development company.

    Our development teams coordinate in-house expertise from across our business to ensure cost efficiencies at every stage of a project. We also look to secure cooperation from and with local communities, authorities and energy companies - so we can achieve the best results.

    When choosing a site, we consider a range of issues. These include land use, ecology, solar resource (or wind speed and terrain) and ease of access, as well as planning policies and proximity to people's homes. Then, with knowledgeable in-house teams on hand for the technical and engineering challenges - such as resource assessment, procuring the most appropriate technology, civil engineering and grid connection - we get to work designing and building successful projects

    When developing and designing our projects, we involve local communities and commission independent environmental assessments. We are essentially guests on the sites at this stage, so we look to establish and maintain good relationships with landowners and the local communities. We also work closely with legal authorities to secure the necessary leases, planning and grid connection permits.


    Our global development teams are highly experienced in coordinating everything involved in successful project development

    The development phases
  • Identifying sites for wind, solar, energy storage and transmission, plus mapping adjacent land use and grid connection
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with local landowners for access and resource measurement
  • Establishing and maintaining positive dialogue with local communities and authorities
  • Project planning, including optimization of resources, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering - all while balancing environmental, economic and social concerns
  • Conducting environmental assessments, covering ecology, hydrology, geology, acoustic, archaeology and aviation
  • Managing the entire process, from planning and consent to full permission
  • Negotiating with utility providers on electrical offtake, connection and transmission agreements
  • Arranging all legal and financing agreements for construction or sale

    For five years, we have developed the in-house capabilities, which combined can create an affordable, low-carbon future